Tsuyoshi Nishimoto

◆ Practice Areas

◆ Education

1998Passed the National Bar Exam
1999Graduated from the First Department (Private Law) at The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
2006Graduated from the Law School of Columbia University, U.S.A. (LL.M.)

◆ Experience

2000 thru 2002Nishimura & Partners
2002 to dateHibiya Park Law Offices
Septmber 2006 thru March 2007Worked for Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP (New York)
2011 to dateStatutory Auditor of Enigmo Inc.
2018 to dateAuditor of the Japan Football Association
2018 to dateStatutory Auditor of Broadleaf Co.,Ltd.

◆ Writings

  • “Everything of Effective Management of Subsidiaries” Published by Shojihomu (2018) (Co-author)
  • “Practice of Preparation for Shareholders’ Meeting for Year 2018 and Anticipated Questions and Planed Answers”
    Published by Chuokeizai-sha (2018) (Co-author)
  • “Corporate Governance Handbook”
    Published by Shojihomu (Co-author) (2017)
  • “System Development Agreement Leading Users to Success”[2nd Ed.]
    Published by Shojihomu (2016)
  • “Operation of Shareholders’ Meeting”
    Published by Shojihomu (Jyunkan Shojihomu No.2096, 2016)
  • “Strategy to Utilize System of Company with Audit Etc. Committee”
    Published by Shojihomu (2015) (Co-author)
  • “Handbook for Directors and Officers” [2nd Ed.]
    Published by Shojihomu (2015) (Co-author)
  • “Specialized Suit Lecture Series No.7, Corporate Litigation,Lawsuits/Non-contentious Cases/ Provisional Disposition Cases”
    Published by Minjiho-Kenkyukai (2013) (Co-author)
  • “Q&A: Earthquake Disaster and Management of Shareholders’ Meeting”
    Published by Shojihomu (2011) (Co-author)
  • “Everything on Going Private”
    Published by Shojihomu (2010) (Co-author)
  • “Victory over Shareholders / Victory by Shareholders – Proxy Fights and Management of Shareholders’ Meeting”
    Published by Shojihomu (2008) (Co-author)
  • and many other

◆ Speeches

  • Issues on Proxy Fights and Suits for Revocation of Resolution of Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Outline and Recent Issues on Insider Trading Regulations
  • Implementation/Redesign of Takeover Defense
  • Remarks on Recent Important Precedents Related to Corporate Practices
  • How to Win System Development Dispute
  • Actual Practices of Going Private
  • Possible Risks and Legal Issues on Cloud Computing
  • and many other

◆ Languages

Japanese and English