Hibiya Park Law Offices (the “Firm”) will comply with applicable laws and regulations in handling personal information which means certain information with respect to a living individual that may identify the individual as a particular individual (“Personal Information”) and endeavor to protect Personal Information under the policy set out below.
For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, a particular individual that Personal Information may identify shall be referred to as a “Person.”

1.Obtainment of Personal Information.

The Firm will, by proper means, obtain Personal Information as may be necessary in the course of its operations.

2.Use of Personal Information.

The Firm will use Personal Information for the purposes set out below. The Firm will not use any Personal Information beyond the scope of these purposes of use unless the Firm obtains the prior consent of a Person or such use of Personal Information is permitted by relevant laws and regulations.

3.Safety Management of Personal Information.

The Firm will take necessary measures to prevent divulgence or loss of or damage to Personal Information or unauthorized access to data containing Personal Information, and will properly manage such Personal Information.

4.Provision of Personal Information to Third Party.

The Firm will not provide any third party with Personal Information without obtaining the Person’s prior consent, except as otherwise provided for in applicable laws and regulations.

5.Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuance, etc. of Personal Information.

If a Person requests to disclose, correct, discontinue, or notify him/her of the purposes of use of, or otherwise appropriately deal with, relevant Personal Information, the Firm will, after confirmation that such request has been made by the Person concerned, in good faith and promptly accommodate such request in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, except where such disclosure of particular Personal Information runs afoul of attorneys’ confidential obligations and other relevant laws and regulations, or where no such disclosure of particular Personal Information is required under relevant laws and regulations.

6.Contact Us.

For any queries with respect to contents of this Privacy Policy and other communication with respect to the handling of Personal Information by the Firm, please contact the Firm’s Secretary Office at


The Firm will from time to time review and continuously improve our policy with respect to the proper handling of Personal Information. When this Privacy Policy is accordingly amended, the Firm will publicly announce its amended version by posting it and making it available on this website.