Hibiya Park Law Offices

Today we are faced with an era of major social reforms in the midst of global economic competition. The world of competition principle is where we are.

Business entities in such era are placed under the fair competition principle and are urged to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Today, anyone not complying with these rules is subject to stringent sanctions. Laws thus constitute one of the most critical elements of business strategies and a lifeline to guard the existence of a business entity. No one is allowed to disregard the Rule of Law in this law-oriented society in either of the compliance and competition areas.

In April 1998, when the society was experiencing these major structural changes, Hibiya Park Law Offices was established by three attorneys headed by Hideaki Kubori, with a view to building up a law firm capable of offering legal services fully responsive to new needs in the new era. Since then, the firm has been diligently engaged in the business of providing quality and solid legal services.

We live in an era when amendments to the Commercial Code have been made time and again and major changes are being introduced to patent, copyright and other intellectual property laws, anti-trust law, securities exchange law and banking and other financial transaction laws. While new case law is also being developed in a variety of areas, practice of law is facing major changes accordingly.

In an era such as this, we are committed to keep further enhancing our capabilities of realizing speedy and advisably needed solutions sought by our clients and providing state-of-the-art legal information as well as apposite strategies.

To support efficient management in compliance with laws forms a primary part of the business of Hibiya Park Law Offices as a law firm dedicated to strongly sustain legitimate business activities. We are, as a boutique-type law firm, committed to serving as a group of lawyers expertised in laws relevant to corporate business activities.

Further, while it is our basic policy that each of the members within the firm, though its overall size is not very large, will always handle cases in a professional and responsible manner in each of his or her practice areas so that we may better serve our clients' needs and requirements, we are also prepared to enlist flexibly the expertise and experience of experts in other professions on an ad-hoc and as-may-be- needed basis in close collaboration with them, thereby always maintaining the firm's capabilities of providing top quality legal services.

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