Akihiko Hara

◆ Practice Areas

◆ Education

1977Passed the National Bar Exam
1978Graduated from the Law Department of the University of Tokyo, Japan (LL.B.)
1984Graduated from the Law School of Columbia University, U.S.A. (LL.M.)
1984Passed the New York Bar Exam

◆ Experience

1980 thru 1983Law Offices of Hayashida, Yanagihara & Kashiwagi
1984 thru 1985Pennie & Edmonds, New York
1985 thru 1992Mori Sogo Law Offices
1992 thru 2004Law Offices of Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda
1994 to dateStatutory Auditor of Nakamuraya Co., Ltd.
1995 thru 2002Legal Counsel to FIFA 2002 World Cup Japan Bidding and Organizing Committees
1996 thru 2012Member of the Sub-Committee for Legal Affairs of the Japan Football Association
2002 thru 2005Member of FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber
2003 thru 2011Member of the Legal Committee of the East Asian Football Federation
2004 to dateHibiya Park Law Offices
2004Lecturer, NBA Waseda University Business Information Academy
2004 to dateMember of the Legal Committee of the Japan Rugby Football Union
2007 to dateListed Arbitrator of Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)
2008 thru 2011Chairman, the Legal Committee of the East Asian Football Federation
2011 thru 2013Statutory Auditor of Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
2012 to dateMember of LEGUS (International Network of Law Firms)
2012 thru 2018Statutory Auditor of the Japan Football Association
2013 to dateDirector of Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
2016 thru 2017Member of the Ethics Committee of FIFA
2016 thru 2018Chairman, the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Japan Football Association

◆ Writings

  • “Basics for Law Practitioner”
    Published by Shojihomu(2015)
  • “Business Legal English Glossary”
    Published by Shojihomu (2013)
  • “Basic Business Legal Terms Japanese-English Dictionary”[2nd Ed.]
    Published by Shojihomu(2013)
  • “Attorneys Practice Handbook”
    Published by Gyosei (2011) (Co-author)
  • “How to Craft Contracts from Scratch”
    Published by PHP Kenkyusho (2009)
  • “Glossary of [English] Business Legal Language”
    Published by Shojihomu (2004)
  • “Digital Broadcast and Related Issues Under Copyright Law”
    Published by CRIC (Copyright No. 493, 2002)
  • “How to Prepare and Review Business Contracts”
    Published by Shojihomu (2002)
  • “Intellectual Property Protection in Asia”
    Published by Butterworth (1991) (Co-author)
  • “Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations Vol.4 – joint Ventures”
    Published by Clark Boardman (1985) (Co-author)

◆ Languages

Japanese and English