Akihiko Hara

◆ Practice Areas

◆ Education

1977Passed the National Bar Exam
1978Graduated from the Law Department of the University of Tokyo, Japan (LL.B.)
1984Graduated from the Law School of Columbia University, U.S.A. (LL.M.)
1984Passed the New York Bar Exam

◆ Experience

1980 thru 1983Law Offices of Hayashida, Yanagihara & Kashiwagi
1984 thru 1985Pennie & Edmonds, New York
1985 thru 1992Mori Sogo Law Offices
1992 thru 2004Law Offices of Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda
2004 to dateHibiya Park Law Offices
2004Lecturer, NBA Waseda University Business Information Academy
2007 thru 2023Listed Arbitrator of Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

◆ Professional Affiliations

  • 2016 thru 2018Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee of Japan Football Association (JFA)
  • 2016 thru 2017Member of the Ethics Committee of the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA)
  • 2013 to dateDirector of Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2012 thru 2018Statutory Auditor of JFA
  • 2011 thru 2013Statutory Auditor of Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2008 thru 2011Chairman of the Legal Committee of the East Asia Football Federation (EAFF)
  • 2004 thru 2020Member of the Legal Committee of the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU)
  • 2003 thru 2011Member of the Legal Committee of EAFF
  • 2002 thru 2005Member of the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FIFA
  • 1999 thru 2000Member of the Committee on Right of Distribution of the Copyright Information Center, Japan
  • 1996 thru 2012Member of the Legal Affairs Committee of JFA
  • 1995 thru 2002Legal Counsel to the Japan Bidding and Organizing Committees for 2002 FIFA World Cup
  • 1994 thru 2023 Statutory Auditor of Nakamuraya Co., Ltd.
  • 1992Member of the Committee on Border Enforcement of the then Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) of Japan
  • 1991Member of the Committee on International Issues of Intellectual Property of MITI
  • 1991 thru 1993Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Law Consultants of the Daini -Tokyo Bar Association
  • 1990Member of the Committee on Informational Property of MITI

◆ Writings

  • “Basics for Law Practitioner”
    Published by Shojihoumu (2015)
  • “Business Legal English Glossary”
    Published by Shojihomu (2013)
  • “Basic Business Legal Terms Japanese-English Dictionary” [2nd Ed.]
    Published by Shojihomu (2013)
  • “Attorneys Practice Handbook”
    Published by Gyosei (2011) (co-author)
  • “How to Craft Contracts from Scratch”
    Published by PHP Kenkyusho (2009)
  • “Glossary of [English] Business Legal Language”
    Published by Shojihomu (2004)
  • “Digital Broadcast and Related Issues Under Copyright Law”
    Published by CRIC (Copyright No. 493, 2002)
  • “How to Prepare and Review Business Contracts”
    Published by Shojihomu (2002)
  • “Intellectual Property Protection in Asia”
    Published by Butterworth (1991) (co-author)
  • “Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations Vol.4 – Joint Ventures” Published by Clark Boardman (1985) (co-author)

◆ Seminars / Lectures

  • 2007Moderator of LAWASIA Sports Law Symposium in Tokyo
  • 1995Panelist at CLE International Symposium on “Intellectual Property Protection in Pacific Rim Countries” in Boston, U.S.A.
  • 1994Panelist at HIPLA Symposium on “Enforcement of Patent Rights in Japan” in Texas

◆ Track Records

  • Counsel to Japanese investor entity regarding oil field development project in the Beaufort Sea, Canada
  • Counsel to Japanese purchaser entity regarding long-term procurement of LNG in Brunei
  • Litigation counsel to Japanese defendant entity regarding patent infringement suit in Maryland Federal District Court relating to golf gear product
  • Counsel to Japanese promoter entity regarding contract for invitation of New York Metropolitan Opera’s first staging trip to Japan
  • Counsel to Japanese investor entity regarding shopping mall development project in the U.S. in partnership format
  • Counsel to Japanese general partner entity regarding hotel development project in Guam in partnership format
  • Counsel to Japanese entity for contract to use music works for karaoke with music copyright management entities and music publishers in the U.S. and South-East countries
  • Counsel to Japanese hotel operator entity regarding hotel franchising contract for introduction into Tokyo of Canadian five-star hotel
  • Counsel to Japanese entity regarding joint project with U.S. entity of development of next generation camera following film-based camera
  • Litigation counsel to Japanese plaintiff entity regarding patent infringement suit in New York Federal District Court relating to paper production method
  • Counsel to Japanese entity regarding equity participation in U.S. telephone & telecommunications entity
  • Counsel to Japanese purchaser entity regarding multiple M&A share purchase contracts with U.S., British and French entities of apparel-related brands through due diligence as well as contract drafting and negotiation
  • Counsel to cross-border foreign exchange brokerage entity in Japan regarding establishment and operation of the dealing brokerage entity, utilizing digital telecommunications network
  • Counsel to karaoke entity regarding negotiations for music copyright use fee rates with JASRAC relating to so-called telecommunications karaoke system
  • Counsel to German licensor entity regarding supply and license contract for introduction of hologram seals for Japan Bank bills
  • Counsel to Japan bidding and local organizing committees in connection with 2002 FIFA World Cup for preparation of bidding documents, preparation and negotiation with FIFA on various and wide-ranging contracts for implementation of the event such as organizing committee contract, stadium use contracts, sponsor and supplier contracts, hotel reservation contracts and Japan withholding tax collection contract, and for policing of ambush activities as well as legal coordination with Japanese taxation authorities and Korea local organizing committee
  • Counsel to JFA regarding preparation and negotiation of contracts of head coach for national soccer team as well as contracts for invitation of foreign national teams for friendly matches
  • Litigation counsel to defendant radio broadcast entity regarding suits for infringement of rights of copyright holders and record manufacturers relating to digital music radio broadcast utilizing broadcast satellite
  • Served as expert witness deponent without interpreter for Japanese defendant entity in connection with suit before California Federal District Court for breach of trade secrets license contract
  • Litigation counsel to defendant karaoke manufacturer regarding suit for damages by Korean music copyright holders
  • Served as expert witness deponent without interpreter for U.S. plaintiff entity in connection with suit before Illinois Federal District Court for breach of trademark license contract
  • Counsel to Japan Football League in arbitration filed by Japanese professional soccer player with CAS arbitration tribunal wherein the player sought revocation of disciplinary sanction imposed by the league by reason of doping
  • Counsel to respondent Japanese entity in arbitration filed by Taiwanese entity with American Arbitration Association tribunal in connection with contractual dispute
  • Served as arbitrator in CAS arbitration tribunal between two European Soccer clubs in connection with transfer of player
  • Counsel to Japanese painter for exclusive exhibition of his works in Qatar
  • Served as official interpretation checker of deposition interpreters for defendant Japanese party regarding suit before Nevada Federal District Court relating to governance dispute within U.S. entity
  • Served as trier of multiple disciplinary proceedings by FIFA Ethics Committee on officers of FIFA
  • Served as ad-hoc on-site member of CAS arbitration forum regarding the Asian Games 2017 Sapporo Winter round

◆ Languages

Japanese and English