Founding Partner

Hideaki Kubori

◆ Practice Areas

◆ Education

1967Passed the National Bar Exam while a Senior at The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
1968Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

◆ Experience

April to September, 1968Visited Europe, Africa and Asia
1989Vice President, Daini Tokyo Bar Association (one-year term)
Part-time Assistant Professor at The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Law and politics (special seminar on Commercial Law)
1997Chairman of Committee on Legal Profession Education System, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (one-year term)
April, 1998Founded Hibiya Park Law Offices
2001President, Daini Tokyo Bar Association (one-year term) Vice President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (one-year term)
2004 thru 2015Professor, Omiya Law School
2015 thru 2021Professor, Toin Law School
2021 thru 2023Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, Toin University of Yokohama

◆ Professional Affiliations

  • Advisor to the Financial Services Agency
  • Advisor, Coincheck, Inc.
  • Member of Compliance Committee of Bank of Japan
  • Chairman, Japan Governance Research Association
  • Director, Entertainment Lawyers Network (Non-profit organization)
  • Director, Intellectual Property Lawyers Network
  • Officer, Japan Association of Corporate Directors
  • Director, The Shimonaka Memorial Foundation
  • Vice Chairman, Legal Affairs Committee of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

◆ Other Membership


  • 日本ガバナンス研究学会 会長
  • 第三者委員会報告書格付け委員会 委員長
  • 一人一票実現国民会議 共同代表
  • ロースクールと法曹の未来を創る会 代表理事
  • 東京商工会議所 商事取引・法規委員会 副委員長
  • 一般社団法人日本取締役協会 幹事
  • 一般社団法人日本ヘルスケア役員協会 理事長
  • 公益財団法人下中記念財団 理事
  • NPO法人エンターテインメント・ロイヤーズ・ネットワーク 理事
  • NPO法人日本コーポレート・ガバナンス・ネットワーク シニア・アドバイザー
  • 弁護士知財ネット 理事 等

◆ Writings

(Only published books, excluding articles of magazines, etc.)

・ “The Exceptional Lawyer KUBORI”
Published by Nikkei BP (Co-author)

Corporate Law

  • “Technique of Management”
    Published by Chuokeizaisha (Co-author)
  • “Specialized Suit Lecture Series No.7, Corporate Litigation, Lawsuits/Non-contentious Cases/ Provisional Disposition Cases”
    Published by Minjiho-Kenkyukai (2013) (Co-author)
  • “Remodeling Plans for a New Japan”
    Published by Shojihomu
  • “Victory by Shareholders/Victory over Shareholders – Proxy Fight and Management of Shareholders’ Meeting”
    Published by Shojihomu (Co-author)
  • “What is company and what is not”
    Published by Nikkei BP
  • “All about Shareholders’ Meeting” [New 2nd Ed.]
    Published by Shojihomu (Co-author)
  • “All about Shareholders’ Meeting”
    Published by Shojihomu (Co-author)
  • “Strategy of Transfer to the “Committee System” under the revised Commercial Code in 2002”
    Published by Shojihomu
  • “Stop Illegal Management”
    Published by Toyokeizai-Shinposha
  • “Revision of the entire Commercial Code of 2002”
    Published by Shojihomu (Co-author)
  • “Business Reconstraction – From the Viewpoint of Strategies of Management”
    Published by Shojihomu-Kenkyukai (Co-author)
  • “Decisions of the President to Protect Companies”
    Published by Nihonkeizai-Shinbunsha
  • “Compliance Management” (videotape)
    Published by Nihonkeizai-shinbunnsha
  • “Compliant Management and Non-Compliant Management”
    Published by Toyokeizai-Shinposha
  • “Japan Will Change to a Legal Society”
    Published by Toyokeizai-Shinposha
  • “Class Action Suits by Shareholders are not Fearful”
    Published by Chuokeizaisha (Co-author)
  • “Corporate Governance”
    Published by Kinzai (Co-author)
  • “Practice of Auditors’ Audit” [2nd Ed.]
    Published by Chuokeizaisha
  • “Class Action Suits by Shareholders and Responsibility of Executives”
    Published by Shojihomu-Kenkyukai (Co-author)
  • “How to Take Defense from M&A”
    Published by Chuokeizaisha (Co-author)
  • “Regulation of Insider Transactions and Shareholders Meetings”
    Published by Shojihomu-Kenkyukai
  • “Case Stories of Shareholders’ Meetings”
    Published by Nihonkeizai-Shinbunsha
  • “Scenario of Shareholders’ Meetings by Corporations”
    Published by Shojihomu-Kenkyukai

Copyright Law

  • “Front lines of Digital Content law”
    Published by Shojihomu
  • “Frontline of Copyright Business” [New Ed.]
    Published by Chuokeizaisha (Co-author)

Bankruptcy Law

  • “Encyclopedia of Bankruptcy Law Practice”
    Published by Kinzai (Editor)
  • “Frontline of Corporate Restructuring”
    Published by Gyosei (Co-author)


  • “Lawyers in the Change”
    Published by Yuhikaku (Co-author)

◆ Seminars/Lectures

Worked as speaker for seminars and lectures 30 or more times a year for over 30 years lecturing executives and legal affairs staff at the request of seminar-hosting companies, publishing companies, financial institutions, and other clients.

◆ Representative Engagements

The Exceptional Lawyer KUBORI (published by Nikkei Business Publications)
I discover the needs of my clients and fight tooth and nail for them in accordance with justice and belief.
The three traits I proudly offer: courtesy, an open mind, and courage.

  1. Served as bankruptcy lawyer with Tanezo Hayakawa, the so-called god of corporate reconstruction, and handled the actual practice of how to best resuscitate a variety of companies that had gone bankrupt.
  2. Made inroads into fields no one else was attempting as an entertainment lawyer, and involved in copyright cases, and music- and video-related businesses in the capacity of a personal lawyer to stars in the new music industry.
  3. Served as lawyer for shareholders meetings to confront corporate racketeers (sokaiya) who have been unduly profiting from companies on the order of 100 billion yen annually, and blocked those corporate racketeers from privatized companies and other corporations isolating the racketeers. This ultimately led to the eradication of those racketeers.
  4. Provided corporate protection against company buyouts by front companies and antisocial groups in relation to the generation and bursting of the economic bubble.
  5. Ingrained the correct governance awareness (not entirely equal to corporate domination) and compliance mentality (not entirely equal to adherence to laws and regulations) in companies.
  6. Strengthen governance as outside director/auditor or management committee member.
    (Aozora Bank, Nomura Holdings, Japan Exchange Group, Norinchukin Bank, Sourcenext, etc.)
  7. Set up the National Assembly for One Person, One Vote and assumed joint representative position to correct governance in national government. Filed lawsuits over election invalidity against national elections held 7 times between 2009 and 2018, earning a Supreme Court Grand Bench decision 7 times.
  8. Filed an ADR claim for damages by farmers’ organizations who incurred damage due to the TEPCO nuclear accident.
  9. Established the Third Party Committee Guidelines in the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. Established the Committee for Rating Third Party Committee Reports and served as Chairman.
  10. Served as adviser or outside director to start-ups, such as Bengo4.com, the FinTech Money Forward, and the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck.
  11. Appointed as Chairman of the Japan Healthcare Officer Association organized to train/introduce human resources for auditing/inspection in the reforms of medical/social welfare corporations.