Yosuke Taguchi

◆ Practice Areas

◆ Education

2004High School, Whitfield School (St. Louis, MO. USA)
2009B.A., Waseda University
2011LL.M., The University of Pennsylvania Law School
2013J.D., Waseda University Law School
2013Passed the National Bar Examination
2016Passed the New York State Bar Examination

◆ Experience

2014 to 2019Hibiya Park Law Offices
2020 to 2022Ropes & Gray LLP (Private Equity Transaction Group)
2022 to dateHibiya Park Law Offices

◆ (Japanese) 著作

(Japanese) 【連載】企業法務フロンテイア「米国における除草剤による健康被害の製造物責任訴訟のトレンド」(商事法務ポータル)単著 商事法務 2019年5月
「ライブドア株式一般投資家集団訴訟第一判決」(月刊監査役689号)公益社団法人日本監査役協会 2018年12月
「台湾会社法(公司法)の大改正の要点」(商事法務ポータル)商事法務 2018年8月

◆ Writings

“Judicial Precedents Commentary Series, No. 4 — Livedoor Class-action Lawsuit Filed by the General Investors (Judgment of First Instance) –” (in Gekkan Kansayaku (Monthly Statutory Auditor))
Published by Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Audit & Supervisory Board Association (2018)

“Points of the Major Revision of Taiwan’s Company Law” (in Shojihomu Portal)
Published by Shojihomu (2018)

◆ (Japanese) 主な実績

(Japanese) 訴訟・紛争解決

  • オートバイメーカー間の国際仲裁案件において海外メーカー側を代理(仲裁言語:英語)
  • エンターテインメント企業間の国際仲裁案件において被申立人側を代理
  • IT関連特許を巡る商事調停案件において外国人発明家側を代理
  • 株式買取価格を巡る紛争において外国人投資家側を代理
  • 米国・香港を含む複数国における訴訟の当事者となった日本企業の訴訟支援
  • 上場企業の取締役責任追及訴訟において取締役側を代理
  • 上場企業の取締役責任追及訴訟において投資家側を代理
  • 不正競争防止法に基づく差止及び損害賠償を求めた訴訟において原告側を代理
  • 製造物責任訴訟において被告メーカー側を代理
  • システム開発訴訟においてユーザ側を代理
  • 映画制作を巡る訴訟において被告エンターテインメント企業側を代理
  • 取締役解任に伴う紛争において会社側を代理
  • インターネット上での名誉棄損訴訟など多数
  • 多数の特許侵害訴訟・紛争において特許権者側を代理


  • 外資系プライベートエクイティファームを代理しての日本企業の買収に関するデューディリジェンスの実施・各国における独禁法対応・契約書の作成・交渉業務等
  • 日本の上場企業による米国ブランドの株式譲渡による買収案件において日本の上場企業を代理してのデューディリジェンスの実施・契約書の作成・交渉業務等
  • 第三者割当増資の実施及び資本業務提携案件における上場企業を代理しての契約の起案・交渉業務等
  • 外国企業と日本の上場企業との合弁事業の組成案件において外国企業を代理しての契約作成・交渉業務等
  • エネルギー小売業・住宅業、飲食業等の買収案件におけるデューディリジェンスの実施・契約書の作成・交渉業務・独禁法対応等について助言を提供


  • シェアハウスローンに関するスルガ銀行株式会社危機管理委員会事務局業務
  • 上場企業のハラスメント事案の社内調査委員会

◆ Representative Engagements

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

  • Counsel to an overseas manufacturer in an international arbitration case between motorcycle manufacturers (arbitration in English).
  • Counsel to a respondent in an international arbitration case between entertainment companies.
  • Counsel to a foreign inventor in a commercial mediation case regarding IT-related patents.
  • Counsel to a foreign investor in a dispute regarding acquisition price of stock.
  • Supported lawsuits in multiple countries, including the U.S. and Hong Kong, to which a Japanese company is a party.
  • Counsel to a director of a listed company in a lawsuit to enforce liability of the director.
  • Counsel to an investor in a lawsuit to enforce liability of a director of a listed company.
  • Counsel to a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking an injunction and claiming compensation for damages pursuant to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.
  • Counsel to a defendant manufacturer in a product liability lawsuit.
  • Counsel to a user in a system development lawsuit.
  • Counsel to a defendant entertainment company in a lawsuit over movie production.
  • Counsel to a company in a dispute accompanying dismissal of a director.
  • Counsel to a patent holder in numerous patent infringement lawsuits/disputes.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Counsel to an international private equity firm, performed due diligence, and prepared and negotiated related contracts in support of purchasing shares of Japanese companies.
  • Counsel to a Japanese listed company, practiced due diligence, and prepared and negotiated contracts in an acquisition of a U.S. brand by the Japanese listed company through share transfer.
  • Counsel to a listed company, drafted and negotiated contracts in carrying out a capital increase through third-party allotment and capital and business tie-up.
  • Counsel to a foreign company, prepared and negotiated contracts in establishing a joint venture between the foreign company and a Japanese listed company.
  • Conducted due diligence investigation, prepared and negotiated contracts, and offered advice on response to the Antimonopoly Act in acquisitions of energy retailers, housing operators, and restaurants.

Crisis Management/Internal Investigation Commission for Handling Misconduct

  • Administration for the Crisis Management Committee of SURUGA bank Ltd. regarding share-house loans.
  • Internal investigation committees on harassment cases in listed companies.