Haruka Matsuyama, Naomasa Nakagawa authored a book entitled “Guidance on Practice for Audit & Supervisory Board and Board Members”

This book provides comprehensive guidance with respect to a variety of issues related to audit and supervisory activities based on the authors’ practical experience.

The authors are attorneys with extensive experience as an outside director and outside audit & supervisory board member, as well as an in-house lawyer in charge of the audit & supervisory board members’ office of one of the major trading companies in Japan. This book comments on the current practice on audit and supervisory board and board member and explains in detail the legal issues and the other issues raised in the past court cases, as well as the qualifications of candidates, the development of audit plans, the points on preparation of minutes, and the method of on-site visits. A must-have book for audit & supervisory board members, audit & supervisory board committee members and their staffers.

Author : Haruka Matsuyama, Naomasa Nakagawa,
Kaori Sato (Audit & Supervisory Board of MITSUI & CO., LTD.)
Publisher : Shojihomu
Language : Japanese